Maintenance Free Decking

Maintenance Free Decking comes in many styles, each with its own unique features and benefits. Depending on your design, preferences and budget we will be able to construct the maintenance free deck you have always dreamed of.


Vinyl Deck Membranes are installed over a plywood topped deck and provide the ultimate in waterproof decking options. All of our membranes are smooth-back and roof grade quality. They come with solid colour or colour matching PVC coated drip edge so the membrane can be welded directly to the drip edge. This is a superior installation method compared to some other lower quality membranes.

We don’t just consider these vinyl decks, we treat them as waterproof systems. That need to be tied into the house (typically underneath the exterior finishes) using special installation techniques and components. There needs to be special attention paid to these vinyl decking projects and all critical leak areas addressed. 

Once these projects are complete they ensure that no moisture of any kind will contact the structure of the deck for many years to come. Giving the lifespan on a vinyl decking covered deck 25-30 years. In our climate. Some of the roofs that are in service with these products are know to last well over 35-40 years. This decking option makes a great choice if you are wanting storage underneath your deck.

Due to the nature of these installations they must be installed by one of our trained professionals. Our Vinyl Decking products come with 10 and 20 year warranties and our workmanship is 5 year coverage.


Next in our line up of maintenance free decking is PVC decking boards. Some are known as a capped or capstocked composite. As the technology matures they are more commonly called pvc deck boards. More of a traditional plank look without all the painting and staining. These next generation maintenance free deck boards provide superior quality and protection against fading, staining and shrinkage because they are wrapped in a protective layer of PVC. 

As with any high grade products they really are only as good as the installer employing them. We pride ourselves on being experts in the decking industry and making any PVC decking project come to life. Most of the PVC deck boards we use will have hidden fasteners and plugs for the screw holes so your deck will look flawless for year to come. 

These products really shine when special attention is placed on the design of the deck from the start. The use of 2 or more colours with accent boards, fascia boards, heating the decking and curving it, installing lights, privacy walls and build ins can really make the options endless.

We have access to multiple brands of PVC decking, so the options in this category are really endless. 


Third but certainly not least is the composite deck board. This product has some unique benefits, to focus on and some drawbacks in comparison to the other products listed above. Like the PVC decking board it is a plank style, so it is not a watertight solution for a roof top or dry storage.

Unlike the PVC counterpart it does not have a cap-stock, making it the cheaper option of the two. Also the composite is consistent all the way thru. Which is nice when you view an end-cut or routed piece. It also tends to be less slippery when wet, and a little cooler to the touch on a sunny day than it’s capped counterpart.

Composite decking scratches far easier than a capped composites. These uncapped products also stain and fade much easier over time, especially the areas that are under the BBQ or south facing.

Like the PVC deck boards, composites are typically installed using hidden fasteners and can be designed to achieve any look.

One thing to consider when choosing a maintenance free deck board is the frame of the deck is still weathered overtime due to the design of the deck boards. To reduce this weathering even further, special flashing tape can be applied to the frame of the deck. Extending the lifespan of the structure considerably.

Vinyl Guys Fence & Deck often use a combination of materials in any one design. For example a client might choose a vinyl decking membrane for their deck, and use PVC deck boards for the fascia, skirting and stairs. 

Most of the products Vinyl Guys uses compliment one another from a design and colour aspect. We have also used PVC trim like AZEK and PALITE for fascia and stair risers. It is a beautiful accent and is also maintenance free.