Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Guys Fence & Deck is proud to only use Homeland Vinyl Products for their vinyl fencing projects.

Homeland Vinyl Products, Inc. manufactures the highest quality vinyl components for use in creating beautiful, long-lasting, low-maintenance outdoor products including vinyl fencing, vinyl decking, deck railing and specialty structures. Homeland’s network of dealers are known for their innovative use of our vast collection of different profiles to create a wide variety of beautiful and durable exterior finished products.

These dealers have built their business with discerning homeowners, builders and commercial property owners who want the very best in vinyl fencing. They are also recognized for their commitment to Homeland’s demanding standards of quality, service, and customer support. Ask for the best, and you will see who is standing behind your fence. Homeland Vinyl Products, Inc.

Homeland Vinyl Products manufactures the toughest vinyl fencing profiles with the most advanced UV protection under the sun, our ACCU-Shield formulation. ACCU-Shield is our protective outer layer engineered to significantly reduce oxidation and the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Even in harsh climates, ACCU-Shield protects the color and sheen of our products for a longer period of time. Simply put, there is no better protection under the sun than ACCU-Shield. With Homeland vinyl fencing profiles, there is almost no limit to your imagination in creating the perfect look for your yard.

Homeland profiles are specially engineered to retain their freshly painted appearance and can keep yards looking their best – even when the weather is at its worst.

All Homeland components contain the most advanced UV protection under the sun, our ACCUShield formulation. ACCU-Shield’s protective outer layer is engineered to significantly reduce oxidation and the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, as well as making them impervious to insects and moisture and will never rot, split, splinter, or decay. 

They are available in a choice of designer colors and will never need sanding, sealing or painting. Best of all, every Homeland vinyl fencing component is backed with a limited lifetime warranty. As a Homeland Vinyl Products, Inc. customer, your satisfaction always comes first. Homeland is committed to maintaining the highest levels of integrity and customer service – a commitment sustained through continuous communication with our independent dealers and our exclusive Security Alliance pledge of quality and VMA certification.

In addition to the array of vinyl fencing, vinyl decking, deck railing and outdoor structures you see here, many Homeland dealers also offer other specially designed products that they manufacture exclusively using quality Homeland components. Uncompromising quality. Innovative engineering. Enduring craftsmanship.

These qualities are what make Homeland vinyl fencing profiles exceptional. With any Homeland vinyl fencing profile you choose, you can be confident your choice will create a distinctive design signature, and will provide you with many years of low maintenance, worry-free enjoyment. With decades of experience in vinyl and a rigorous quality control program with third-party auditing through the VMA, you can be assured that Homeland Vinyl Products is committed to providing the very best vinyl products the industry has to offer. With vinyl fencing products from Homeland, you get the quality you expect, and options you could only imagine.

All Vinyl Guys vinyl fencing is custom to your yard and are spaced at 5-6 feet on centre and use ROUTE & LOCK technology, eliminating unsightly fasteners or brackets and providing much greater strength and durability than glued or screwed fastening systems. All vinyl fencing and railing is designed to accommodate a unique post mounting system that provides the following advantages.


No holes to drill or dirt to backfill because the galvanized steel pipe is pounded into the ground. Your fence line is always straight by simply adjusting a single lag bolt. Gates are custom made to match each fence style and come with adjustable and locking gate hardware. PVC gates are mechanically fastened and do not sag. 

  • The post will be less likely to heave due to frost than concrete mounted systems.
  • Impervious to moisture.
  • Impervious to insects.
  • Specifically designed to withstand harsh Canadian winters.
  • No painting. No staining…EVER!
  • Green product. Good for you and the environment.
  • No toxic additives to leach into the soil.
  • Forests preserved.
  • A design to fit every application.
  • Increases property value.